Cisco Wireless-N Access Point

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  • Cisco WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point

    The Linksys Wireless-N Access Point lets you connect Wireless-N (802.11n), Wireless-G (802.11g) or Wireless-B (802.11b) devices to your wired network so you can add PCs to the network with no cabling hassle. Power over Ethernet (PoE) support makes the Access Point easy to install, you can mount the Access Point anywhere, even without ready access to a power plug. With appropriate PoE support at the other end, you only need to run one cable to the Access Point to deliver both data and power. Of course, you can also use the included AC adapter if your installation point has power available nearby.

  • Cisco WAP561-A-K9 Wireless-N Access Point

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  • Cisco WBPN Wireless-N Access Point

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    A Complete Wireless Desktop Phone Experience

    The Cisco Wireless-N Bridge for Phone Adapters, often called the Cisco SPA Bridge, lets you transform your Cisco SPA IP Phone into a flexible wireless device. Designed specifically for small businesses, it gives you the freedom to place your IP phone most anywhere in the office, without the need for a nearby wired network connection. The bridge supports standards-based 802.11n wireless networking, providing better coverage and superior bandwidth. Advanced (QoS) features help ensure crystal-clear voice communication.

    With the Cisco SPA Bridge, you can easily add new extensions or move phones between offices, conference rooms, lobbies, or other environments - without expensive network wiring. The solution lets you extend your phone system using your existing wireless network, while providing the mobility, flexibility, and agility you need to meet changing needs in a dynamic environment.


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